At the heart of all our customer projects is the carefully coordinated application of different concepts, tools and methods (Lean Six Sigma, design thinking, modelling, value stream mapping, customer journey, Kaizen, etc.) based on our many years of practical experience in different functions and roles in the life science industry.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma combines the benefits of Lean Management (reducing waste) and Six Sigma (increasing productivity/efficiency) into a new optimisation strategy.

These tools provide a systematic and structured basis for operational excellence, especially for science and technology-oriented companies. In the DMAIC cycle, the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control phases will go through to achieve sustainable improvement.

The Lean Six Sigma projects include project organisation, project procedures, measurement and analysis procedures, monitoring of implementation and control.

Timing of a DMAIC project (about 3 months):

DMAIC-Zyklus (Lean Six Sigma)

Design thinking

Design thinking is a multidisciplinary approach that leads to product or service innovation that is compelling from the customer’s point of view. This concept is a combination of understanding, observing, brainstorming, deepening, execution and learning. Design thinking is used as a project, innovation, portfolio and/or development method.

Depending on the core competence of the company, knowledge management, prototype design, service prototyping, etc. may all be part of the design thinking project. Advantages of the method are its high user orientation, visualisation, simulation and rapid implementation in a prototype. The iterative approach ensures the organisation’s sustainable learning to meet user needs.

Design thinking cycle (source: HPI)

Our services

Project Manager/Temporary Manager who fosters and implements clearly defined projects or topics. These include

  • Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Design thinking
  • Improvement projects

Sparring partners for employees and executives seeking inspiration or testing new ideas

  • Strategy
  • Lean start-up
  • Business model transformation

A coach who effectively and efficiently supports employees and managers.

  • Reflexion
  • Challenging
  • Change Management
  • Transformation

Your path to lasting success

  • Together with our customers, we optimise processes, products and services with a clear focus on the basis on figures, data and facts. Every single measure is geared towards a goal to be reached.
  • The rapid success of the measures being implemented directly assures the acceptance of the change within the organisation and at the same time creates enthusiasm for the improvement.
  • In order to ensure the sustainability of the change, we offer the option of accompanying any of your employees who are affected through the change process. Supportive coaching, training or leadership development can contribute to sustainable success.

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