Success factors

We support you in ing current processes, de-cluttering and sustainably improving value creation (quality, speed, productivity, profitability). This applies to laboratories in different industries, quality assurance, logistics, and other business areas. Within the scope of defined projects, you will benefit from our know-how as project manager, temporary manager or consultant. We are still there for you when others have already left.

Based on Lean Six Sigma in combination with agile methods such as Design Thinking, we help our customers to optimize the value chain towards more efficient processes.

As part of an innovative ecosystem, we are in exchange with numerous start-ups, e.g. companies for laboratory information and management systems, digitalization and other cooperation partners, in order to support our customers in the best possible way.

Business excellence

Operational Excellence & Digitalisation

Lean and efficient processes lead to competitive advantages, higher profitability and open up new perspectives for sustainable business success. This includes factors such as productivity, manufacturing costs, quality and speed. The aim is to systematically identify weak points, develop approaches to solutions and implement them permanently in order to improve overall value creation.

Customer & Commercial Excellence

The ability to recognize customer wishes and needs and to work the market systematically enables the best possible exploitation of existing market potentials, to win new customers and to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers or to provide better support for internal customers. Retaining existing customers or developing them further is, not only in our experience, more economical than gaining new ones.

Innovation Excellence & Value Management

Product and service innovations create new growth potential, broaden the basis of success and help to position the organization in the competition by means of unique offerings. Secure your competitive advantage and market position through innovative products and/or outstanding service. We help you to become unique.

People & Team Excellence

The key success factors for your company are your employees and therefore a central element in transformation and culture change. Competent and motivated employees who achieve top performance are crucial prerequisites for outstanding team performance. New processes must be meaningfully anchored in the culture and organization to ensure that the change is sustainable. We are happy to support you and your managers on this path with our know-how and experience.