Innovation Excellence

Creating new growth potential

Operational Excellence

Expanding scope for action through efficient processes

Commercial Excellence

Systematically exploiting existing market potential

People Excellence

All are part of a company’s success

We make lab processes simpler and more efficient

Many lab processes have grown historically and no longer meet today’s requirements. Within a short time, we provide a sound statement about efficiency and improvement potentials. We support you in improving your processes without stopping the business or “burning” employees.

We provide support in challenging existing processes, decluttering them and sustainably improving value creation (quality, speed, productivity, profitability). This applies to laboratories in various industries, quality assurance, logistics and other business areas.

Success factors

In our expert experience, at least four perspectives are relevant for making processes simpler and more efficient and thus increasing the value creation of the entire organization:

Operational Excellence & Digitalization

Lean and efficient processes

Commercial & Customer Excellence

Systematic market development and customer satisfaction

Innovation Excellence & Value Management

Product or service innovations and value creation

People & Team Excellence

Best performance from every employee for the customers

Company Profile

We have many years of project and management experience in lab organizations in various industries. Combined with the Lean Six Sigma toolset and agile methods, this creates an effective basis for competent, solution-oriented consulting and implementation …

What we can do for you

We assist your transformation projects and your employees on your way to simpler and more efficient processes. The common basis of all our employees is many years of professional and leadership experience complemented by training in Lean Six Sigma and agile methods such as Design Thinking. On this basis, we help our clients, for example, to optimize the value chain by means of more efficient processes and other challenging change projects.

We are still there for you when others have already left.

Case studies

Numerous, successfully implemented projects are based on our experience, joint planning and goal-oriented implementation…